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LAS Loves provides our students with a go-to guide of exhibitions, galleries, books, shops and websites.  We curate this list carefully, hoping that our choices will inform and delight as much as our classes do…

We have compiled a list of gift ideas this month to help for those looking for inspiration for Christmas and beyond…

To do, to see and to buy

Gift Idea - John Derian Picture Book

By John Derian

A perfect gift has to be this beautiful book (with a foreword written by American Vogue editor Anna Wintour). Derian’s famously recognisable style of decoupage has been a hit pretty much from the launch of his homeware company in 1989. His plates, bowls and household items are handmade in his studio in New York by a small team of artisans and can be found here at the Conran Shop, Liberty and the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery. Now he’s brought out a book of his design inspirations and it’s rumoured that he’d like you to take your own scissors to the book and frame whatever takes your fancy.

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Gift Idea- Rockett St George

If you’ve hankered after an Emin neon artwork for your living room for years, and are not quite there yet, then do check out Rockett St George’s personalized neon signs for above the children’s beds, which have proven to be a 2016 hit. And we wouldn’t say no to a piece of Tracey Emin/Stephen Webster jewellery (slightly less bank-breaking than the artworks) to be found on net-a-porter.

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Gift Idea - Tales of Teddy

Don’t forget our faithful four-legged friends deserve gifts too. Check out Tales of Teddy for quite simply the chicest choices for the dog in your life. Handmade in Britain, it’s the brainchild of ex-Vogue writer Samantha Murray Greenway, who has collaborated with skilled craftspeople to create limited editions and one-off designs of dog blankets, bowls and leashes. The Farrow & Ball coloured dog bowls are so beautifully made that they’re now displaying fruit on many a dining-room table.

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Gift Idea - Scented Matches

What could be more elegant than Cire Trudon’s scented matches? British painter and illustrator Laurence Mynott was chosen by this quintessentially French company to design the match boxes, which we feel are a more stylish (and yes, cheaper) alternative to a scented candle.

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Gift Idea - Children's Doodles

For very young godchildren and budding artists-to-be, we’ve spotted aprons and pillowcases that can be drawn on, washed, then decorated again. Available from the Royal Academy gift shop they’re a delightful way of encouraging creativity and giving something both unusual and interactive. From 3-10 years.

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Gift Idea - For the Fashion Set

We’ve figured out the only way to visit art fairs, take photos, have drink in hand, hand out business cards all at the same time is not to worry about clutching a handbag. Which is why ex-Prada designer Tamara Salman’s hands-free, cross-body bag is so brilliant. Her vibrant luxury accessories line is inspired by artists such as Anish Kapoor and Jeff Koons.

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Book - Could Have, Would Have, Should Have

By Tiqui Atencio

High profile patron Tiqui Atencio interviews over 100 art-world figures (including Fatima Maleki, Eli Broad, Kenny Schachter and Damien Hirst) on what makes a great collection. Our favourite chapter is entitled, “What Was I Thinking?”. A must read for anyone starting their art collection.

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Book - Art is the Highest Form of Hope

By Phaidon

A wonderful collection of inspirational and insightful quotes from artists through the ages. A fantastic gift for any art lover. Our favourite?  “That’s me, the twenty-five year overnight sensation.” – Ed Ruscha.

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Book - The Improbability of Love

By Hannah Rothschild

When Annie McDermott buys a grimy, unprepossessing painting in a junk shop, little does she know it’s Watteau’s ‘The Improbability of Love’, long thought to have vanished or been destroyed. Suddenly Annie’s world seems full of unscrupulous people who’ll stop at nothing to get their hands on it. Rothschild paints her reader a vivid picture of London’s glamorous, cut-throat art-world in her pacy and beautifully-written satire.

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Book - The Arts Dividend

By Darren Henley

A fascinating insight into the seven key benefits that the arts brings to communities, written by the Chief Executive of the Arts Council, England.


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Book - Magic and Loss: The Internet as Art

By Virginia Heffernan

New York Times Magazine writer Virginia Heffernan looks at the internet as a giant, global collaborative work of art. A thought provoking read for those interested in art and technology and where the two meet.

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Book - Journey Interrupted

By Hildegard Mahoney

Recommended by one of our students, we absolutely loved this true story of a German-American family stranded in Japan just as Hitler invades Russia.

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Book - Big Bucks: The Explosion of the Art Market in the 21st Century

By Georgina Adam

This timely book from renowned art market expert and journalist Georgina Adam, explores the transformation of the art market from a dusty niche trade, to a $50 billion global market.  Essential reading for art lovers with an interest in the market.

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Book - The Little Mermaid

The classic Hans Christian Andersen tale is given a new lease of life with added illustrations by Yayoi Kusama.  A beautiful addition to any book collection, which was published in July.

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Book - The Day the Crayons Quit

By Drew Daywalt

A fun book for all budding artists of a younger age! This lovely, fun book tells the tale of a little boy’s box of crayons going on strike.  Rest assured, a happy ending is found!

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Book - Modern Women: Women Artists at the Museum of Modern Art

A wonderful celebration (and the first effort by a major North American museum) to highlight female artists from the late 19th century to the present.

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Book - The Art Book for Children

By Gilda Williams (Phaidon)

A classic book for all art lovers has been re-worked for a younger audience.  A lovely book to give to children to pique their interest in art.  It asks questions such as “Can dressing up be art?” and “Can you paint a noise?” as well as looking at iconic works from the History of Art.

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Book - Artists Living with Art

By Stacey Goergen & Amanda Benchley

A fascinating insight into the homes of 25 Contemporary New York artists.  Not only does this book share what artists such as Jeff Koons and Cindy Sherman hang on their walls – it also shares what their favourite period of art history is.  An intriguing read.

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